Executive summary: We have been engaged in preparing to Create A Greater Future since 2015 when founder Steve Garrett attended a JP Horizons owner’s meeting in Asheville, NC.

What a cold winter we’ve had here in Middle Tennessee. The best thing about an icy winter is its conclusion. The first day of spring is March 20 and we’re looking forward to it here at Brentwood Landscapes Inc. BLI has been busy over the winter. What have we been doing? A LOT!

Our team has been engaged in preparing to Create A Greater Future. This began in January when founder, Steve Garrett, attended a JP Horizons owner’s meeting in Asheville, NC. The agenda for this two-day event centered around story telling — yes, story telling (more about this in future posts). In February our managers, Mason Rodgers and Jim Pukas, attended their own JP Horizons manager’s training meeting in Atlanta. Over the last six weeks the entire BLI Team has engaged in the Create A Greater Future training on a weekly basis. Cutting grass techniques are key for a healthy lawn

Our goal is to create a greater future for our business and our clients. For us this also means creating a greater future for each employee and our community. Have you ever seriously considered what a greater future looks like for you? Take some time and think about it. Then take some action that heads in that direction. You may want to begin by thinking about your own story. What is it that makes you tick? What inspires you?

Beautiful nature inspires us at Brentwood Landscapes. Here are a few inspirational pictures. Each photo tells a story about the people and place.

Welcome SPRING 2015!

Annual 01

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